4 Reasons To Consider A Divorce Mediation

If your marriage is ending, it’s important to consider a mediated divorce. This can help the spouses come to an agreeable end to the legal union and is also advantageous for both parties. There are a number of reasons to choose to divorce mediation and knowing what these are may motivate you to do so:

Reason #1: Confidentiality

When the spouses agree to a mediation, this is a private affair. The only attendees will be the couple divorcing and the attorney for each, as well as a mediator. If the mediation is successful, there is no need for a court appearance. Additionally, there won’t be a public record of the divorce for others to see.

Reason #2: Resolve issues

One of the main reasons to attend a divorce mediation is to decide on important issues as the marriage is ending.

Listed below are things that can be determined at meditation:

  1. Who gets custody of the child if there are any children involved?
  2. Who retains ownership of the family home when the divorce is final?
  3. Who is responsible for paying the joint debt in the marriage?
  4. The method in which other assets are divided, such as furniture, vehicles and other valuables.

A divorce mediation can address all issues that need to be settled when spouses are parting ways.

Reason #3: Less legal fees

By agreeing with each other when divorce is looming, this will help decrease the amount of legal fees for a couple. Studies show the average cost of a mediator varies with the hourly rate in Oklahoma being $150 and in California it’s $500 in September, 2010. In some cases, a mediation can be completed in one or two days.

On the other hand, the average cost of a contested divorce can range from $15,000 – $30,000.

Reason #4: Amicable ending

By the couples agreeing to meet together to decide on necessary issues as a divorce is ending, this will allow for less animosity. Being able to end a marriage jointly can provide more positive feelings and allow each spouse to move on with life without the need for negativity.

Finally, using a mediation to help you during a divorce can be ideal. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a family lawyer to inform you of the details of this process to prepare you in advance for what to expect at the divorce mediation. For more help, or if you have other questions, contact a company like Eschbacher Law Office.

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